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Posted on Oct 7, 2020

The Kelly Yang Project KYP Education Centre (Causeway Bay)

๐Ÿซ Back-to-School Online Info Session this Saturday๐Ÿ“… !

Hi parents, please join us this Saturday (10/10) for our first back-to-school info session where you will learn about the different KYP classes and how they can help your child succeed academically and professionally!

Please call 2810-4822 to RSVP ๐Ÿ™‚

10/10 ็ทšไธŠ่ชฒๅ ‚่ชชๆ˜Žๆœƒ ็ด„ๅฎšๆ‚จ๏ผ

The Kelly Yang Project่ช ้‚€ๅฎถ้•ทๅ€‘ๆ–ผไปŠๅ€‹ๆ˜ŸๆœŸๅ…ญ๏ผˆ10ๆœˆ10่™Ÿ๏ผ‰ๅœจ็ถฒไธŠๅƒ่ˆ‡ๆˆ‘ๅ€‘ๆ–ฐๅญธๅนด็š„็ฌฌไธ€ๅ€‹่ชฒ็จ‹ไป‹็ดน่ชชๆ˜Žๅฎถ้•ทๆœƒใ€‚ๅˆฐๆ™‚ๆˆ‘ๅ€‘็š„CEO John Chewๅฐ‡ๆœƒๅ’Œๅ„ไฝๅฎถ้•ท่ฌ›่งฃไธๅŒ็š„KYP่ชฒ็จ‹ไปฅๅŠๆๅ‡่‹ฑ่ชžๆŠ€ๅทงๅฐๅญฉๅญ็š„ๅญธ็ฟ’ๅ’Œๆ—ฅๅพŒ็™ผๅฑ•็š„้‡่ฆๆ€ง๏ผ

่ซ‹่‡ด้›ป2810-4822้ ็ด„็•™ไฝ ๐Ÿ™‚
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